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Biomass Gasification For Vehicles For Industry Carbon-Neutral Energy

A Carbon-Neutral Energy Source

In this age of concern about global warming, climate change, greenhouse gasses and every individual's "carbon footprint," it is increasingly more important to find alternative solutions to fossil fuels, which contibute heavily to the carbon load in our atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide is everywhere in the atmosphere, and plays a crucial role in sustaining life. Plants extract carbon out of the atmosphere to support their growth. When they die, rot or are burned, equal amounts of carbon are released back into the atmosphere. Hence, the burning of wood-waste fuel is considered a "carbon-neutral" energy source. The same carbon release would happen in the forest. And if the wood waste were not utilized productively, it would be disposed of and begin its decay.

Wood waste, whether produced by logging, wood industries or Mother Nature, is plentiful. ECON does not cut a single tree to produce its products. The company believes that reducing our dependance on fossil fuels — especially foreign oil — is the right choice for the future generations on this planet.



A fallen, decaying tree releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as would be released upon its burning.